APP Development

Embedded Software
IPC Group has extensive expertise in developing real-time operating system software in memory-constrained devices in various application domains.

Desktop Applications
IPC Group also develops Windows and Linux applications and drivers, either as stand alone apps or connectivity extensions for custom electronic devices.

Mobile Applications
IPC Group iOS and Android application development team can help create customised, UX-optimised apps for business or consumer needs.

Web Applications
IPC Group web application and web service development skills can help leverage IoT capabilities to make your product globally accessible.

1.Requirements Definition
The first step of any professional software product development is the definition and documenting of traceable software requirements, along with a software test plan. These requirements documents simplify any future changes and updates as well as software maintenance tasks.

The level of detail necessary for adequate requirements documentation is dependent on the type of application development. IPC Group has the expertise to match the level of detail to the application and thus minimise costs and time taken whilst concurrently meeting client and industry needs.

2.Design and Implementation
The key feature of any successful software development exercise is the definition of an appropriate software architecture that will allow the clean implementation of all the software requirements and at the same time allow future software enhancements and extensions. IPC Group software team includes experienced software architects who can identify, and design the best software architecture for any project.

The final quality of any product that includes software is reliant on a professional testing process undertaken according to a suitable software test plan. IPC Group considers that the definition of the software test plan must start at project commencement.

The support lifecycle of a product including software is ongoing throughout the lifetime of a product. New requirements and enhancements for a product can arise at any stage during its lifetime. Software designed and developed by IPC Group is highly maintainable and extensible, based on suitable software development methodologies and software architectures.

IPC Group has developed and mastered skills with several software development methodologies and processes including:
Continuous Integration

By leveraging on our experience we can identify the most appropriate methodology for each project thus meeting both the client’s needs, and industry and regulatory standards.